Honyaki Kiritsuke Gyuto



Available for purchase is this honyaki kiritsuke gyuto. The blade was forged from a single piece of W2 high carbon tool steel and differentially heat treated to produce a knife that has a hard sharp cutting edge and a tough spine. This method of heat treating (which is akin to Japanese sword making) also produces a hamon, which has been polished extensively to be “brought out” of the blade. Hamons are unique to each blade and this one is quite active, which adds value to the knife. Another feature of the blade is that it has a flatter edge profile which is distinctive of kiritsuke knives. This makes the knife ideal for push cutting as well as slicing. The blade measures 9 1/4″ long (234.95mm) and 2 1/8″ tall (53.975mm) at the heel. The overall length of this knife is 15″ long (381mm).

The handle of the knife is a total of 9 pieces and is sculpted from Gabon ebony. The main features of the handle are the 2 heirloom fit steel fittings and the thin blue contrasting spacers. Overall the handle is very comfortable and the balance point is just in front of the heel. This knife was meticulously crafted with the utmost attention to detail and will make an excellent addition to your kitchen or collection.

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