Circassian Walnut Fighter 11″


Blade Length: 11″

OAL: 17 1/8″

Blade material: W2 high carbon tool steel (water quenched)

Guard: Gun blued mild steel

Handle: Circassian walnut / Stainless steel pin


This knife has an 11″ blade length and was forged from W2 high carbon tool steel and features a water quenched differential heat treat, fuller, a mild steel gun blued guard that features some decorative stippling, and a heirloom fit Circassian walnut handle featuring a domed stainless steel retention pin. The water quench is significant to note due to its high failure rate to blades. It imparts a faster cooling rate and more overall stress into the blade, frequently resulting in cracks. It takes a skilled smith, a good eye, and a bit of luck to successfully be able to quench in water. I had the luck on my side with this blade as it turned out beautifully as did the rest of the knife!

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