Custom Order

Thank you for visiting Enso Forge! If you are interested in placing a custom order please fill out the form below, and I will get in touch with you via email to discuss the details of your build. (Please note that lead times vary and any lead time given is a rough estimate and subject to change.)


For pricing you can expect to pay $125.00 per inch of blade length for a custom knife. For example, a honyaki gyuto or Damascus chefs knife with an 8″ blade length would cost $1000.00. A 9″ would cost $1125.00 and so on. Each knife is made in the honyaki fashion or damascus unless specified otherwise and comes with a stabilized wa, faceted western, or western contoured handle. The material will be your choice. Any special features such as heirloom fittings, alternative or exotic handle materials, specialty handle designs or blade designs/geometry are subject to price increases. To reserve a custom order Enso Forge requires a $50.00 non refundable deposit which comes off of the total owed after project completion. (Customers are welcome to make a partial payment once the commission begins but note that any partial payments are non refundable.) Payment is due upon completion of order. If no payment is received within 2 weeks the order will be forfeit and the item will be listed for sale.

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