Sakimaru Sujihiki (sold)


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Available for purchase is this one of a kind sujihiki. A sujihiki is a double beveled knife with a long, slender blade, primarily used for slicing, or anything where a draw cut is preferred. This knife has many subtle details as well as some more obvious ones. It features a honyaki blade which was hand forged from W2 high carbon tool steel and heat treated using the traditional method of Japanese swordsmiths. The blade also features a sakimaru tip, and a prominent shinogi (ridge line) on both sides of the blade, which is iconic of Japanese swords.

The handle is made from a piece of highly figured amboyna burl and features an heirloom fit, polished, and faceted steel bolster. (Overall there are 64 facets on this knife!) The handle also features 6 domed stainless steel pins (3 per side) that descend from largest to smallest, adding a tactile feel as well as some embellishment to the piece.

Blade length: 11 1/2″ (292.1mm)

Overall length: 17 1/2″ (444.5mm)


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