Workhorse knives.

A “workhorse” knife is generally defined as a knife that is thicker and more robust with a convex grind. Not a specialized knife such as a yanagiba but something that can still handle most tasks in the kitchen with a degree of proficiency. These 2 knives were my take on the workhorse. Forged finishes, simple and comfortable handles, no bells or whistles. Made to be used, scratched, scraped, and whatever else you would subject them to. (I don’t advise using them as a hammer or trying to split wood… keep them on a cutting board!) The convex grind and tsuchime finish also help to aid in food release. The handles are still made from premium materials and are comfortable in the hand and I particularly like the D shaped handle on the European style chefs knife. Very comfortable and it still gives you a good feel for indexing the blade due to the top facets. Overall, these two knives are about as simple in design as I could make all the while maintaining my preferences for being rustic and truly hand made, as well as serving the function of a versatile culinary tool. More to come!