Sakimaru Sujihiki

This was a project that I had on my bench for while now. I initially forged this piece with the intention to be a low cost alternative to my higher end work. I was going to keep it nice and simple. No frills, bells, or whistles. Completely utilitarian. Well, that didn’t happen… this knife has 64 facets, give or take a few, a fully polished honyaki blade, sakimaru tip, a highly figured amboyna burl handle, heirloom fitment, and 6 decorative stainless steel domed pins (3 on each side). I really can’t help myself when it comes to these things. If I’m not growing my creativity, working on my design, or perfecting my craftsmanship, then whats it all for? To me, the work that I do is ultimately a way of life and a point of reflection with the hopes to grow and evolve as a human but thats another topic… oh, and its fun to smoosh hot metal with a hammer!