Commonly known as a “kwaiken”, the traditional Japanese name is “kaiken”. Kaiken translates to “bosom knife” and was historically carried by the wives of samurai. They would use the knives for daily utility, self defense and in the most extreme cases to dispatch a mortally wounded samurai husband. As simple as it looks in design, it makes up for in details, the main one being the handle construction method. This keyhole design locks the handle into the bolster and then its also secured with a stainless steel bolt that runs from the heel of the handle into the bolster, putting all parts under compression. All pieces have been heirloom fit to compensate for changes in moisture content and shrinkage over time. The blade is forged from W2 high carbon tool steel and has been differentially heat treated. The handle is made from Gabon ebony and features an amboyna spacer. The blade length measures 4 1/2″ and the overall length is 10″.