7″ Coffee Gyuto

Available for purchase in the shop is this one of a kind handcrafted chefs knife, forged from 52100 high carbon steel. 52100 is an ideal steel for culinary knives due to its balance of hardness and toughness. This results in a blade that takes a keen edge and retains it for a longer period of time. The added chromium in 52100 also makes it more stain resistant than other carbon steels. The blade features a tsuchime finish as well as a coffee etched patina, giving it the darkened look. It has a convex grind and a thin edge making it a great all around knife suitable for most any task in the kitchen. The wa style handle is made from amboyna burl and fitted to a carbon fiber bolster. This medium sized, versatile knife is sure to elevate your cooking experience and become a cherished part of your collection!